The Resort

Vacation Rental Home Policies

These policies were created to meet the needs of both our vacationing guests and Coves owners. We thank you for taking the time to read, respect and understand our policies, we take great pride in providing you with clean, comfortable, well maintained, and well stocked homes for your enjoyment.

In order to ensure the continued quality of our homes, we ask that you print and read the rental agreement form link below, sign it, and mail, fax or email it back to us prior to your stay. You can also find this form in our Policy & Procedure Notebook located in each house. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

PDFPrintable Rental Agreement Form

Reservation Deposit: The Reservation Deposit is equal to one night's stay + tax for the house you have chosen and will be charged at the time of your booking.  A valid credit card number will be kept on file to secure your reservation, security/cleaning deposits, tax, additional night's stay, any loss or damages, and beyond normal cleaning fees.

All remaining balances are due 30 days in advance of occupancy or immediately if the reservation is made within that time period.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Cash.

Cancellation Policy: Your reservation deposit is refundable, less a $50.00 cancellation fee, if canceled within 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival.  No refunds are given if cancelled less than 30 days, unless we re-rent the home for the dates confirmed to you.  If the home is re-rented, your deposit, less the $50.00 cancellation fee, will be returned to you.  No refunds will be given for early departure.

Cleaning Fee and Security Deposit: A non-refundable departure cleaning fee and a $250.00 refundable security deposit will be charged per unit for all homes and will be charged 30 days prior to your stay. The $250.00 security deposit will be refunded within 10 days following your stay as long as your departure is on time and no damages have been incurred. In order to prevent an additional cleaning fee, we ask that you care for our home as if it was your own. We have left containers for recyclable materials. Other cleaning fees may include a non-refundable pet deposit of $70 in houses that allow pets. Any damages or loss to the property, by guests or pets, will be subject to the full retail price of the item being charged to your card.

Tax: Tax charges for Hotels, Vacation Rentals and RV Parks are 9.7% in Skamania County. 

Check In/Out: Check in time to any of our homes is 4:00pm or later. Check out time is at 11:00am.
Exceptions can be made depending on the rental schedule of the house you are in.

PLEASE NOTE: We require all guests to check in with our on-site caretaker; this is for our records as well as for your safety, so we know at all times who is on our property. If you have company visiting you during your stay, please either be sure to let our caretaker know when they will be arriving and the car they will be driving, or tell them to check in at the on-site office when they arrive. The office is located to the left as you enter the property. The phone number is 509-427-4900, email is

Occupancy Limits: We currently have 6 homes and 1 treehouse that are available for renting, each home has a maximum amount of tenants allowed to stay in them:

  • Bluff House: sleeps 6, no pets
  • Beacon Rock Condo West: sleeps 6, no pets
  • Sternwheeler Condo East: sleeps 6, no pets
  • Overlook House: sleeps 6, no pets
  • Treehouse: sleeps 2, no pets, no children under the age of 12
  • High House: sleeps 6, pet considered
  • Riverhouse: sleeps 4, pet considered
  • (Ritz Garden Shed can be rented along with the Riverhouse for an additional fee): sleeps 2

When signing the rental agreement, you agree to the limit of tenants in each home. If this limit is not respected, we have the right to cancel this agreement and any money paid by the tenant will be forfeited. There is to be no tents, campers, tent trailers or motor homes at the homes sites. We do have an RV park and guests are welcome to reserve space there if needed.

Liability: By signing this agreement form, you, the tenant, agree that The Resort at Skamania Coves is free and harmless from any liability for any claims, loss, damage or expenses arising by reason of any injury, death or property damage sustained by any person including yourself, your family, friends, and/or your guest where such injury, death, or property damage is caused by negligent or an intentional act.

The Resort at Skamania Coves is not and cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. A $15 service charge and C.O.D. is required if you would like us to pick-up and mail any items left in the unit after you check out.

Use of Premises

Age Requirement: All tenants renting any of our homes, MUST be 25 year of age or older. There is no exception.

Security Codes for Gates and Houses: We give you the security code to access our property and our houses, although we change them after you check out, we trust that you will not share these numbers with others to ensure the safety of our property, our guests and yourself.

Smoking: There is NO Smoking in any of our houses. There is no exception. We ask if you must smoke that you do so in a respectful way to keep property clean and litter free, considerate of fire safety, and the comfort for all guests. There will be a $250 charge if someone smokes in the houses.There is no smoking allowed in any of the wooded areas or in the vicinity of the treehouse (500’). It’s best if you just don’t smoke on the property at all.

Noise Control: We respectfully ask that while staying in the Bluff House or either of the Condos that you keep late night noise to minimum to not interfere with other guests. Quiet time at The Coves is between 10:00am and 9:00pm, we would appreciate that all noise be moved inside during these hours. Outdoor music should only be played at a level that you can hear. Tenants are subject to immediate eviction and removal from the rental for the following infractions: 1) Smoking inside rental, 2) Unruly pets, 3) Number of occupants exceeds the number of contracted guests, 4) Complaints of noise, loud music, foul language, or otherwise disturbing of the peace. The entire amount of the rent and security/damage deposit fee will be forfeited if eviction occurs.

Weddings/Events/Parties: No weddings, receptions, events, reunions, or parties of any kind are to be held at the Home or in the courtyard or open areas without the written consent of Skamania Coves. Events require a separate Event Agreement and Event Fees. The definition of an event is any gathering of people at the Home that exceeds the number of people sleeping at the Home as stated in the confirmation letter. Skamania Coves has the right to inspect the Home and related property at any time during your stay to guarantee that this stipulation has not been violated.

Fire Places and Pits:

  • The Riverhouse has an open, wood burning fire pit. Please use at your discretion and be considerate of property, fire safety and safety to others. All burning material MUST remain inside the stone walls of the fire pit, no exceptions. There are times when there is a no outside burning allowed in the gorge due to wind and dryness. A hose should be near by – please ask for one if it is missing. There is a wood burning fireplace inside, please ONLY use Presto type logs - these burn clean, leave little ash, and are much safer for the old chimney to take.
  • The Overlook House has a wood burning fireplace.
  • The Bluff House and River View Condos have gas fireplaces, which are controlled by remote switches. A gas operated fire pit is located in the lower SE section of the gravel drive. This is a shared pit, for all houses to use and share. It can only be turned on and off by the caretaker of the property, and there are no requests after 9:00PM.

Access to the Coves and Woods: The bonus for staying at The Resort at Skamania Coves, is the Coves! All tenants have access to the use of all the beach front coves along our property, with exception to the private beach front at the Riverhouse. Please note that unless prearranged, the Coves are to be shared by all tenants at all times. The Coves include:

  • The Side Cove - what you first see when you head down to the Coves. This is a long narrow, usually shaded Cove. It is perfect for multiple family use.
  • The Private Cove - with a tiny secluded beach and sitting area, this is great spot for a small family, or close friends.
  • The Main Cove - with a large lawn excellent for family gatherings and games, bring your Frisbees, beach balls, bad mitten net, etc.

There are a wood burning fire pits along each Cove, please keep all burnable materials in the pit. During the dry hot time of year and during very windy days/nights fires are not allowed. Note, a fine of $150 will be charged for all inappropriate use of any of the fire pits.

There are five acres of woods to explore. We are in the process of building trails, and would recommend that you not venture into the woods until this is complete. If you must be one with nature, the trees, ferns, and trillium flowers, please be warned that poison oak is alive a well everywhere.

The Treehouse: This is a real treehouse with a live tree growing up through the middle of the house. Be nice to the tree and the tree will be nice to you. Do not damage the bark in anyway. Best not to touch it but instead just admire it visually. Extra care and precautions must be used while staying in the treehouse. It is over a 40’ drop to the ground from the river side deck so no horseplay is allowed. No climbing on or over the railing is allowed. A maximum of 8 people may be in the treehouse at one time and only a maximum of 4 people may spend the night in it. The loft is for sleeping and it is not advised that you take a lot of personal items up there. There is a dresser and plenty of space below for clothing, etc. Use the buddy system when accessing the loft with things in your hands. ALWAYS go up and down the loft ladder facing the ladder. USE EXTREME CAUTION ON THE LADDER! Other instructions and tips will be posted in the treehouse for your maximum enjoyment. We reserve the right to close the treehouse during inclement weather.

Boat Dock/Ramp: There is a seasonal boat dock that guest can use. At this time there is no guest use of the ramp. Guest vehicles are not allowed across the RR tracks with the exception of those staying at the Riverhouse. The Riverhouse cars may only park by the Riverhouse. There are mooring buoys that you can use to tie your boat if you plan to have your boat available during your stay. You can launch at the Stevenson Boat ramp. It is not advisable to leave your boat in the water overnight as the winds can shift and cause damage to your boat and even beach it due to wave action. There is no overnight tie up allowed on the dock. Boats may come along side and tie up temporarily to pick up and drop off passengers and gear.

There is no life guard on duty so swimming and other water activities are at your own risk.

Feel free to use the swim platform – but again swimming to and from it are at your own risk.

Amenities & Damages: Each of our houses are stocked full with things you need to help make your stay feel like home. We have taken an inventory of all items; this includes utensils, games, linens, furniture and artwork. If anything should go missing or get broken or damaged during your stay, we have the right to charge your credit card the full retail value of that item. We understand that mistakes do happen; please advise as soon as possible of any issues.

Children: Please be extra diligent with your children. There are many potentially dangerous spots on our property, such as the train crossing, the highway, poison oak in the woods, swimming, riverbanks, and steep slippery rocks. We want this to be a safe and memorable vacation for you and your family, so please DO NOT let your children cross the railroad track, or swim, or hike, without you.

If you have small children who still wet the bed, please come prepared with a waterproof pad. If there is an accident, please let us know so we can take extra care in cleaning and sanitizing for the next guest. DO NOT allow your child to eat or drink anywhere other than the kitchen table. Clean up all spills of juice and crumbs immediately.

Report Need For Repairs: We make every effort to make sure all equipment and appliances are in working order prior to your arrival. In the event that something has been overlooked and you find a malfunction with an appliance or anything else inside or outside the home, please inform our caretaker immediately and we will do what we can to fix the problem. In doing so, please be advised that we will need to enter our rental home for the purpose of making the repairs or replacing the item.

Railroad Crossing: There are few places along the Columbia River Gorge, either on the Washington or Oregon side where you can avoid the train. It is just part of the culture of the Gorge, so enjoy it as you can.

The Railroad has strict restrictions to their crossings and there is no exception to these at The Coves either. We DO NOT have a crossing gate, so the only way you know a train is coming is to LOOK both ways! DO NOT try to beat the train across the track in your car or by running across. They move very fast and they CANNOT stop! You must cross quickly and do not loiter around the tracks. The Railroad owns the property on 50 feet either side of the tracks and they will immediately call the police if they see anyone loitering in that zone. We will also ask guests to leave if they do not respect the Railroad property and crossing. Stay away from the tracks except to cross and when a train is in site stay well behind the signs so they do not blow their horns.

Also, the trains use this section to pass each other, this means the train may stop, and sometimes may block access to and from the Coves. This doesn't last long, so DO NOT try to attempt to climb through the cars. This is incredibly dangerous and you will be fined by the railroad if they catch you.

Pet Policy

While many of our properties adhere to a strict "No Pets" policy, a select number of our homes welcome dogs and are advertised as “Dog Friendly.” This will be specifically noted on each property’s information page and will be detailed within your confirmation. Any guest found with a pet in a property that is not pet friendly will be required to vacate the premises without refund. This is strictly enforced.

Pet Friendly Properties: For your own comfort and for the comfort and safety of our homeowners and other guests, there are certain restrictions that must apply to Pet Friendly Properties:

Size, Age, Number of Pets:

  • Pet friendly properties accept dogs weighing under 60 pounds and at least two (2) years old, with a maximum of two (2) dogs per property. “Visiting” pets are not allowed.
  • No Cats Allowed unless specifically requested and approved by the property owner.

Non-Refundable Pet Fee: A $70.00 non-refundable “Pet Fee” ($100 for two dogs) will apply to each reservation that includes a dog. (This fee does not cover damage to the property or grounds resulting from a dog, including but not limited to: chewing, scratching, digging and unreported housetraining accidents).

General Pet Rules: Guests with dogs are asked to please respect the comfort and safety of other guests, both during and after your stay. For this reason, we ask that you please follow these guidelines during your time with us:

  • Please clean up after your dog, both in public areas and in the yard of your rental property.
  • Please do not allow your dog to bark excessively or to roam onto neighboring properties. Complaints may lead to eviction without refund. This will be at the sole discretion of Skamania Coves.
  • Please do not allow dogs on furniture or beds. It is also helpful to bring something (bed, blanket, etc.) on which you know your pet will be comfortable sleeping. No pets are allowed on furniture or beds. Extra cleaning fees will be charged for furniture, blankets, comforters, etc. that have pet hair left behind. This may include professional steam cleaning; usually resulting in charges above $200.
  • Please groom your dog, particularly if it is a breed prone to shedding. Pet hair can be difficult to remove, and the next renter in your property may not have a pet. Extra cleaning fees will be charged for furniture, blankets, comforters, etc. that have pet hair left behind.
  • Please don’t leave your dog unattended for long periods of time. A crate is ideal for those situations in which you must leave. You are responsible for any damages your pet causes.
  • Please do your best to clean and dry your dog after a walk; this will help to ensure you will leave the property in good condition without being charged an extra cleaning fee.
  • Please do not allow dogs in our hot tub.
  • Please ensure that your dog’s medications and immunizations are up-to-date, especially flea treatment.

Please contact Skamania Coves by email at or by phone at (509) 427-4900 should you have any questions. We are happy to recommend a kennel should you decide to bring and board your pet.

We reserve the right to refuse the stay of any guest or visitor without giving a reason.

Updated 12/12/16